Garage door sensors vibrate and have to move them up and down forever.?

They were attached to the metal frame of the garage door. After a few times of opening and closing they have vibrated out of where they should be and I spend hours moving one up and down a little so that I can close the door from the car. What to do? Is there any way to do without the sensors? No kids in this house so it’d be okay. I’ve tightened them up and all that. Still….vibrates and moves.

what is rpm sensor on my chamberlain liftmaster professional garage door opener?

my garage door remote will not work?

is there a garage door remote with a light indicator showing if it is opened or closed?

me and my dad are wanting to get this as my grandmas christmas present.. thankyou.(:

A garage door opener fell on my car. I rent. Who's liable?

I rent a house with a garage. One day I click the remote to open the garage door and it’s stuck. I press it a few times to try to open it and all of a sudden I hear a thump. I look inside and the entire garage door opener fell off and landed on my car roof, damaging it. Who’s liable? Landlord? Is it covered by their homeowner’s insurance?

Why do remote garage doors not close all the way?

I have seen many that only close to within a foot of complete.

Garage door sensor problem. Solution needs explanation.?

Garage door emergency sensor on the 2 door side of a 3 car garage will not settle on red. The green side is fine. I have re-wired to ensure good connection and endlessly adjusted to try to get a sync with the green. At one point I was standing behind the device (red) and noticed I got a steady red light. As I moved to test the wall switch, the light started flashing again. After several dance steps I discovered that if there was some object (currently a box of fertilizer) is placed about 4-8 inches behind the sensor it works fine. when the box is removed the flashing starts.
The other door works fine.
Is there some possible signal interference/confusion between the 2 door units?
I am stumped at this odd behavior.
Any thoughts?

My garage door goes about half way up and then the top panel will begin to bend and break.?

The door will go up and down just fine by hand. Does anyone know why this happens with the remote? If so, please help!

how do you trouble shoot a electric garage door opener?

the door will close if you manually opened it , but will not open when u press the button or remote . The sensors on the front of the door are working the blink when an object is in the way . But you press the button or the remote the door does nothing

should the lights on the garage door sensors be flashing or steady?

my door wont go down unless i hold the button down

Why has this Garage door opener gone crazy?

When the garage door is closing with the automatic closer, it shuts the door and then the door comes right back up. You have to press the button on the remote again to get it to stop, and then it stays in the open position about 6". Any ideas on how to fix? It all started about a week ago. The garage door would close then come up about 6" and quit. Pressing the button again would cause it to close then come right back up. Is there a reset button on most automatic openers? Help.

Why won't my garage door go all the way up?

My garage door doesn’t want to go all the way up when you push the button. It goes up about a foot, stops and then goes back down. But if you block the sensors and push the button it goes all the way up without a problem. I have checked out the rollers and sense it goes up when blocking the sensors I am guessing there still functional. Where else should I start looking.

Universal Garage Door Remotes?

I need a universal garage door remote that will open a door that uses dip switches and a garage door that has the code transmitter. Do they make such a door remote? I would also like to have it with atleast 3 if not 4 buttons to open 4 doors. Thanks for you help!

My garage door won't close?

My garage door will not close through the use of remotes. I have to close it by holding down the wall mounted button. I attempted to fix it by replacing the sensors and that did not work. What else could possibly be causing the issue? I don’t know if this helps but when I press the garage door remote button, the garage door chain moves slightly but then stops, and the opener simply clicks.

My garage door opener is a Chamberlain Security+ 1/2 HP Garage Door Opener, Model HD175D.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

how do i program a craftsman universal remote to a genie opener?

my garage door opener is a genie, and i have a clicker the original and i just got thes crafts man model 139.53778, its a 9 pin, but i cant get it to work with it , it has a new battery , and i already set the door code, any ideas? it was given to me , and it has a manufactuer date of 07/08 so its not that old, and i can find the instructions for it online , please help

How to program a garage door remote?

I just moved into my new house but for the garage there is no remote nd I want to put 1 I already have to from my old house but how to program them it’s a craftsmen garage door opener

I just bought a new (used) home, and it has a garage door opener but we do not have the remote?

how do we get an opener to work? are there universal ones?

my garage remote?

how do i program my remote so it will opemn my garage door i had it warking before now i forgot how to program it to open my door again any ideas

Craftsman 1/2 hp garage door won't open or close?

I cannot close or open the garage door either with the remote or direct control. When I click on the remote to close the door it just makes a clicking sound but doesn’t do anything. When I disconnect the door from the garage door opener, nothing happens. Any possible suggestions?

How to prevent car break in's in my driveway?

Alright so we live in a nice area in Michigan, but are surrounded by terrible areas. Last month my step brothers cobra was broken into and they stole the radio along with most of the dash trying to get it out. No one heard anything because the idiot doesn’t have an alarm on his car and the only lights we have on our drive way are 2 very dim ones attached to the garage.

Well at the time I didn’t care because I had a saturn..well I just went and bought myself a BMW with an 0 flip up deck, prime target.

Now the car has a dealer upgrade alarm, so if you were to open the doors with the alarm activated the alarm would go off..only problem is its not as loud as I would like it to be. Short of paying 0 for a new "louder" alarm what can I do?

I was thinking of putting a few motion activated spot lights on the garage and maybe even a motion sensor with an alarm in my room (I am furthest away from the garage) or something to the likes of that?

I do own a gun and would be more than willing to shoot the a@% holes that are robbing us (non-lethal of course =P) and was thinking of maybe posting a sign saying so in order to scare them off. Any ideas?

Go nuts, although the goal is to make it as effective as a new car alarm but under 0. Thanks ahead of time.