can some one help!!! genie garage door opener red light blinkin?

the red light on the sensor wont stop blinking
the garage wont close unless you hold it down even still it opens it took several trys to close

and i also need help trying to program the remote door opener b/c that stoped working too

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  1. rizinoutlaw says:

    your eyes are out of line…line them up till thery see each other. Also make sure there is no debris in front of them.

    To program your remote there should be a little red button on opener. On most genies it is either on front of opener on right side under light lense, some are on left hand side. Press button then click remote to program twice. If neither of these fix your problem you prob got hit by a power surge. in which case you will prob be better off with new opener. i would not go back witha genie bc they are junk. You need to get any opener made by the chamberlain group, ie; liftmaster, craftsman, chamberlain, and access master, among others.

  2. leapyrangels says:

    The battery is low. you need a new battery

  3. &laymetosleep says:

    theres probably something in the way.
    make sure EVERYTHING is at least like 2 feet away from the door

  4. locksmith says:

    There is a safety sensor light and receiver, one on each side of the door. If one of them is accidentally knocked out of aim, or something is blocking the beam of red light, or a wire has disconnected. Your symptoms will occur.

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