Craftsman 1/2 hp garage door opener problem?

I don’t currently have a maintainence contract, I’ll call them to inquire about one. I’ll try adjusting the sensitivity again. I do have obstruction sensors. I tink they are installed propery? One has a constant yelow lightand the other has a constant green light.

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  1. handsinpants2 says:

    i’ve read all of your previous questions so i’m gonna be combinig a few answers here. if you have a steady yellow and a steady green, your photocells are probably ok. stick your hand between them or maybe a box, if one of the lights goes out, that’s a good sign. if the light next to the square button is blinking, that’s not good. yes, it usually indicates a bad circuit board or rpm sensor. since it only travels 6 or 8 inches in each direction, i would lean towards the rpm sensor. if i understand everything correctly, you purchased this unit many years ago, but just now installed it. forget about a warranty at this point. you can buy a new rpm sensor from any door dealer that handles chamberlain or liftmaster (look in the yellow pages and make some calls). it prolly costs about $20-$30 so it’s not a major risk and it is easy to install.
    regarding service contracts… careful. maybe it’s different in your area, but around here, the guys sears sends to repair your opener are simply appliance repair techs. they have only basic knowledge of openers, they’re really geared up more to fix dishwashers and such. again, around here, they are notorious for blaming any problems on the door (not covered by warranty) and therefore charging you every time they come out. if it’s a door problem and they won’t/can’t fix it, you’ll end up having to call a door company and pay them also. if you call a door company to begin with, at least they can fix the problem whether it’s the door or the opener. one call gets the job done, something to think about. i would never recommend a service contract knowing what i know about the end results of them.
    just to clarify though, i don’t believe you have a door problem here, it’s the opener. i just wanted to share some inside info on those contracts.
    i really feel empathy for you here. you seem to be trying the right things but it’s just not cooperating. without replacement parts, it’s very tough to troubleshoot. i’m going out on a limb here since you are so determined (i respect that alot ). look in my profile, you will see a way to send me an email. send me a letter and i will reply with my phone number. if you want, you can then call me and we will walk through some things right there. maybe we can get it going. if not, at least you’ll have a better idea what might need replacing. good luck

  2. virg_mack says:

    Ya it could be that your frequency or sensitivity is off a bit. When you call them ask to speak to someone in repairs before booking for one of them to come out and look at it. They might be able to assist you right over the phone. You also dont want to fiddle with too much as certain things can void your service contract with them. Good luck on solving your problem.

  3. Chaney says:

    You can usually download the owner’s manuals for that stuff off of the Sears website. You should be able to look up the one for your model and it should describe the sensitivity adjustment for you.
    What’s the problem? Door will not open/close? Remote won’t work? Door won’t move physically at all?

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