Craftsman 1/2 hp garage door opener?

I am trying to fix our garage door and I have no lights on either sensor lit up. On the other door one sensor is orange and one sensor is green. When the line is broken the green light goes out and the door goes back up to avoid closing on someone/something. However, the orange light stays on. How do I get the orange light to come on? I assume once the orange light is on it will make the green light turn on once the sensors are properly aligned. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. Jim W. says:

    You just answered your own question my good man. You’re right about the sensor having a green "alignment validation light". Once properly aligned, you’ll be in business. The green is the one you want to use to align your sensor and it’s reflector. The orange light merely signals the line of sight between the sensor and it’s reflector has been broken, and activates the opener’s "up" mode.

  2. hrly says:

    The easiest first step is to check the wire at the opener, occasionally they can come loose. Next step is to check the amber sensor wire for a possible break, this can be difficult to find, check especially at points where wire bends or a staple could cut.

    Last check would be to run a test wire from the opener to the amber sensor, this requires cutting and splicing. Be sure to check for correct polarity.

    If new wire does not work then the sensors went out, rare, or a circuit board issue. The latter affecting only the sensors is also quite rare.

    Good Luck

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