Garage door stopped working?

this unit looks like its from the 80’s made by Genie

it just stopped working all of a sudden, wall button seems intact, there are no lights, no sensors by the garage door, never had the remote for it, when i moved in.

i don’t know what else to look for, any suggestions.
btw, it doesn’t have the infrared sensors, only the pressure sensor.

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  1. Henry H says:

    check the out let then unplug the motor wait 30 second then plug back up if nothing happen think about getting a new one you should have the safety sensors for your own safety good luck

  2. Happy Joy says:

    Maybe it just tripped the fuse. Have you checked the circuit breaker? If not, maybe the motor is simply dead. If that’s the case, you have to call the repair man. If it’s from the 80s, it’s thirty years old!

    Our garage door in our old house broke too, it was also a Genie. But our problem was that the door actually fell off the track!

  3. Christina C says:

    call one who deals with repairs to doors look in the phone book

  4. Rob Breviglieri says:

    Hi There

    I recently had the same problem but the company I originally bought my garage door from no longer sold the garage that I had and therefore couldn’t help. I could have phone someone up to see what’s wrong and get them to repair it (if repairable) but I ended up buying a new one from a company called it was was almost as cheap! Good value!!

    Hope it get’s sorted, good luck!


  5. says:

    Model #??? Thanks!

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