Garage Door won’t close (Sensor lights appear to be working)?

My garage door won’t close all of a sudden. I’ve checked the alignment of the sensors and I don’t think that’s the problem. In the past when the sensors have been out of alignment, I can usually just fiddle with them and fix it pretty quickly. I’ve tried adjusting them a ton and I still can’t get the door to close.

One light is green, one is Amber and they are both solid. They remain solid even when I try and close the door.

If I try to button attached to my door, the garage door will close about a foot and then go back up and make a clicking sound. If I try to close the door from one of my remotes, I’ll just get the clicking and the door won’t even try to close.

Any ideas on what I can try to fix this?

To answer a few questions raised:

It has two large springs and not just one.

A chain (looks like a bicycle chain) opens and closes the door when working correctly.

I had to disconnect it so I could shut it. Once I did that I clicked the garage button on the wall and the motor and the chain worked just fine moving down the way it would close if the door was connected. once it reached the bottom it re-connected to the door. I then clicked the button again and the door raised without any problem.

When i then clicked the button again, the same problem happens where it won’t close and it just makes a clicking sound.

Do these answers help at all?

Thanks for the answers so far.

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  1. Michael L says:

    It sounds as if the balance off the door is off. Take the door off the motor by releasing the shuttle and see if it binds going up or down.

    Is it a center spring or a double side spring. If one spring broke or got disconnected that would be your problem.

    Otherwise try taking the sensors out of the loop completely to see if they are the problem. If you’ve played too much with them they can be completely out of wack.

    Try spraying the tracks with lubricant, WD 40 or graphite, to easy any binding.

  2. John P says:

    Do the lights go out or change any when you obstruct the sensor? If the sensors are working have you thought about the pressure switch. It could be your tracks or wheels may have become obstructed and it’s triggering the pressure switch in the unit.

  3. Chuck P says:

    If your door has gears it may have lost a tooth, your sensors should be pointing straight at each other to connect the beam, if there is anything in the way of that like a bug it will cause it to go back up. You may just have a loose connection.

  4. walter w says:

    is it chain driven?if so the sprocket on the motor may be it cable driven?if so the cable may not be catching right on the motor. start with what drives the unit,then trace it back to the sensors

  5. skyalert says:

    If ours gets stuck in the open position I just give it a tug by pulling down manually. It usually then closes the rest of the way.

  6. Jy S says:

    You’d better to the garage! In my opinion, you can not solve it by yourself

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