Garage door won't close when it's cold outside?

When the temp reaches around 30 degrees my garage door will not close. It is a Liftmaster chain drive.
I’ve read other posts about this problem and have tried checking the auto reverse sensors, lubricating the rollers, etc. I released the door from the opener and the door moves very freely. But the opener will not run in the closing direction even without the door connected to it. It stops immediately when I push the remote button and the light flashes. I can make it go down by holding the button on the wall..

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  1. Chris S says:

    If it won’t close and the lights flash on and off, and you have to hold in the wall button to get it to close, it means the safety sensors are either misaligned or damaged. That has nothing to do with the temperature.
    Check the beams again. Make sure the indicator lights are both on (solid, not flickering slightly). The yellow one indicates power, the green one indicates alignment.

  2. c says:

    still sounds like your auto reverse sensors, could be a broken wire.

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