Garage door won't open or close, nothing obstructing the sensors. Had to do it manually this morning!?

This morning I attempted to open the garage door with my car remote as usual. It only moved the door up about 6 inches and then it stopped. I pressed the button again and it dropped it to the ground and again only moved it up about 6 inches. I was in a hurry to get my son to school so I didn’t mess with it any more via the remote. I grabbed the red handle hanging from the rope and pulled the door up by that. Once out of the garage I attempted to close the garage door by the remote again and it didn’t budge so when I returned home I tried again and got the same result. I finally resorted to closing it by hand. Now it won’t even go up the 6 inches when the remote is pressed. There is something on the inside of the track that goes back and fourth when the remote is pressed and it should be attached to the bracket that is on the outside that has the bar and rope with handle mounted on it. But for some reason those two are just not connected anymore and I got on a stool and took a look and I can’t see how they could have ever been connected. Has this every happened to you? Do you have any idea how I can fix it? At first I thought maybe things were running slow because of the cold weather but I can’t imagine cool weather causing those two parts to become disconnected. I don’t know what could have though. The garage is immaculate so it’s not like it didn’t want to open or close because of an obstruction of the sensors or anything. I’ve not had any problems with it at all since moving in. I was completely shocked this morning when it refused to open.

And advice you can give would be much appreciated.

Thank you!
No, it’s not the battery. I even used the one on the inside of my house that is attached to the wall, thus electrically charged. Same result with that one.
It’s definitely not the sensors they are stationary and they worked well enough to put the garage down all of the way last night, nothing in the garage moved since them to knock them out of alignment.

Please keep in mind I said that when I press the button the part inside of the track DOES move as if it’s trying to open the door, however the part on the outside of the track is no longer connected so it doesn’t move with it.
I still don’t know why it wouldn’t open this morning but I figured out why it wouldn’t open after having opened and closed it manually. The part that snaps back and holds on to the part that is inside of the track was stuck. I reached up and touched it and it snapped into place and it works fine now. Thanks!

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  1. Ten Years Gone says:

    If not batteries, the sensors might be out of alignment. This is fairly common. It looks like nothing is blocking them, but they are not actually pointed at each other. Fiddle with them a bit.

  2. Kt says:

    … hmm god’s invitation for more physical exercise! Hee hee!

  3. schuby says:

    You probably need a new battery in your remote control. You can buy the battery at the hardware store, bring the old battery with you. I have had to replace the batteries a few times, then you will have to reprogram the unit. My instructions for reprogramming are on the unit itself.

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