Genie garage door no sensor lights, will not operate?

My lights are out on the sensor, but i have power to the unit. the light on the wall switch is on but it does nothing when pressed. The remote will turn on the red light on the unit but nothing. We had a big T-storm light night could it have shorted the sensors? The board? what should i do next? I tested for voltage at the sensor wires and it seemed to have some at the back of the unit..plz help..
the wall switch is wired, and the manual says it should close using the wall switch when disconnecting the sensors.which it did not. also, it doesnt show a location for the fuses in this promax model so im not sure if there are any. If it is the board, is there a place of reference as to how to replace it? thanks for the quick reply

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  1. missourian says:

    it could be two problems a loose wire on one of the sensors or the reset on the motor has kicked out, located on the drive unit. if those aren’t one of the problems, genie has a 1-800 number that will help or you can go to the genie website

  2. Uncle Red says:

    Ha here ya are..
    Is the wall switch wired, you may have just lost the programming for the remotes. try reprogramming the remotes. If that fails you can get the board online and it is real easy to replace.

  3. christie w says:

    it sounds like, the fuse may be fried. There is a switch/fuse inside which kicks the motor on when power reaches the motor box. Check that. If that is okay, then the motor is toast.

  4. rizinoutlaw says:

    sounds like a power surge got it. Probably wiped out the board. Best bet is go buy a Chamberlain, Craftsman, or Liftmaster. Genies are junk anyways.

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