How do I disable a garage door opener?

I am going through a divorce right now and my wife moved out. She has a garage door opener that would allow her to get into the house and take whatever she wants. I do not have a problem dividing up the things in the home but I would like to discuss it. How can I reprogram my garage remote and my son’s so that we can use the door but she cannot? I really would like a way to not replace the whole garage door opener.

Please help if you can.

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  1. Steven says:

    some garage door motors have progammable switchs that can be toggled to match the clickers so incase you lose one you can change everything so no one can get in with the lost one

  2. Craig Noy says:

    unplug the garage door opener for the immediate effect

  3. Hsiang T says:

    depends on the garage door opener model and style.

    You need to get ahold of the manual for your garage door and check out the programming instructions.

    There are basically 2 types

    1) (much older) non secure "dumb" garage models on a single frequency. There are switches in the that set the frequency, and you match the combination on your remotes.

    2) Security models (anything basically within the last 15years or so). This is like bluetooth headsets where the base unit pairs up with the remote units. There are buttons on the base control to help program and pair the remotes including a button to reset and clear the memory.
    To program, usually you press and hold the "program" button on the base, then press the button on the remote, lights flash, then it’s paired up.

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