How do I realign garage door sensors?

I lost the manual and they aren’t letting the door go all the way up.

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  1. John L says:

    take housing cover off adjust up screw

  2. val says:

    If the sensors are not aligned, they will not allow the door to go down, not up.
    The simplest way to find out if the sensors are working is to check if their lights are "ON".
    If they are not aligned, one of them will not have light.
    To align them just point them to each other, they will work even if they are not perfectly align.
    Some other reasons will be broken wiring to one of them or dirty eye.
    But if the problem if in going up, you can adjust the travel up from a screw on the garage door opener.
    One turn will affect the travel with about 1 inch.
    Good luck!

  3. Henry H says:

    Sensors has nothing to do with the door going up only down, the first thing i would do oil the springs,rollers, hinges and track put the door all the way down and work the door manuel a few times if it is working good hook the operator back up and try it if it still want go all the way up then look for the limits and adjust the up until you are happy with it Good Luck

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