How do I sync my Car Remote to open Garage Door?

I recently bought an Audi A6. It has the garage opener remote on its sun flap. I dunno how can i get it to work with my Garage Door. I hate to park outside. So if anybody could HELP..!! I Live in Calgary (If that makes a difference in understanding the garage doors)

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  1. Danny To says:

    Try this, it’s from the Bentley:

    Programming new remote controls

    Two keys and all the remote controls that are to be programmed
    will be needed. The maximum number of remote controls that can be
    programmed, including old and new, is four.

    – Insert first key into ignition switch, and turn it to
    "ignition on."

    – Insert second key into outer door handle, and turn it to
    unlocked position for 10 seconds.

    System alarm will emit three beeps.

    – Take first remote control to be programmed and press button
    -1-, two beeps will be emitted. For second remote control, press
    button -1-, two beeps will be emitted. Use same procedure to program
    third or fourth remote control. All remote controls must be programmed
    within one minute, otherwise new programming will cancel and old
    remote control programming will be valid.

    – Turn key in outer door handle to unlocked position for 10
    seconds, one beep will be emitted.

    – Switch ignition off.

  2. Rose L says:

    you have to go to the garage door opener, you will see a small button and you set it with the button over your viser

  3. Brenda L says:

    Not sure about car remotes,but they should be like the reg,garage remotes.On the remote there is a brand name and you contact the company( can be done online) For info dir. Or check your cars hand book,contact dealer,or manufacture.

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