How to fix a garage door that won't go down?

My garage door has worked well since I moved into my house 2 years ago, but now I’m having a problem with it. The other day I opened it and when I tried to put it down the door would go about 1/4 of the way then go back up. There’s nothing blocking the sensors, but one of the lights on the sensor is red, while the other is green. I had to take the door off of the chain and manually put the door down. I’d rather try to fix it myself, as my garage door repairman charges O just to look at the door.
The opener is an Overhead Python 2, 1/3 HP Model OCG600ML, 2004

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  1. Kenneth says:

    You could have a limit switch thats not working right…Take them off and clean the contacts

  2. Honey says:

    It sounds to me like one of the sensors is misaligned. Try adjusting the one with the red light so that it points more directly at the one on the other side of the door. When you get it right, both lights will be green.

  3. Thomas A says:

    Well with warmer weather openers on occassion have to be adjusted so if the sensors are working fine and it sounds like they are, climb up to the opener its self and on the back there should be a plastic gear with screw looking things, turn these until the door does what you want. One of them controls when the door stops going down and the other when the door stops going up.

  4. says:

    I charge $85 plus parts. USA. Find a new door guy. Please post make, model and age of opener.

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