How to reprogram Overhead Door Model 455 or its remote control?

I have bought a CLICKER model KLIK1U that is a universal remote control. It is suppose to work for Overhead Door models. I opened it up and it has a DIP switch with 12 on/off slots. My original remote control has DIP with 9 slots that are 0- I don’t know exactly how to set my new remote nor do I know if I can reprogram the main unit with its f f- and SC buttons. I do not have the original instructions to the door opener and the new CLICKER model KLIK1U instructions did not provide helpful instructions for my situation.

Any ideas on how to get the CLICKER model KLIK1U to work with the older Overhead Door Model 455 garage door opener?

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  1. 2dambig says:

    depending on how old the unit is genie may be comp. the ohd co. owns genie corp. i don’t like the universals. but the dip switches !!!
    program your new remote to the same numbers 1-9 leave 10 11 12 in neutral.

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