I have a Craftsman 1/2 single garage door problem?

One of the sensors is yellow not allowing the door to operate. I have tried to re-align. I have check the wires. What else can be wrong?

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  1. laffy1999 says:

    Clean the lenses very well with some windex and a piece of newspaper. Make sure that nothing is hanging in front of one of the sensors. Also make sure they are not too far apart. Craftsman has an excellent product support website. Try that as well.

  2. j H says:

    make sure that the wires are both attached at the back of the motor

  3. carman says:

    You mention that you have tried to re-align. I suggest that you do the following to see if alignment is the problem.

    Unbolt one of the sensors and move it and its attached wire to the opposite side of the door. Point each sensor toward each other and observe if you now get the green light. If you are not able to get the green lite with the sensors directly opposite each other. The problem is probably with one of the sensors. If you now get the green light, the sensors with either not aligned or something was in the path.

  4. Bearcat says:

    Check the close door sensors on each side of the door to see if they are aligned properly

  5. rizinoutlaw says:

    that sensor is supposed to be yellow. One eye will be yellow the opther green. The yellow eye is just telling you you have power to the eyes, the green eye tells you if you are aligned. Make sure green eye is solid and not flickering, if it is flickering the door will not go down. If the eyes are out of line the door will start to go down then reverse, when it stops its upward travel the lights on opener will flash. If the lights do not flash you have a sensitivity problem. Depending on model there will be two blue knobs on back of opener or right side. they will be numbered around 0-9 and one will have an up arrow underneath the other a down arrow. Just barely tweak these until door operates well. To increase the pressure required to open or close door turn knobs toward nine. Do not just crank all the way to 9 bc that could cause trouble later.

    Before you do anything make sure you have no broken springs on door and that it is in balance. Also if you have plastic rollers in door get rid of them, they get flat spots and cause problems with door.

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