Is there any way to keep the stupid sun from preventing my garage door to close all the way down?

Everytime afternoon when I try to close my garage door, it goes down a little and then goes back up. I think this is due to the fact that the sun is shining directly into one of the two sensors near the ground on the sides of the garage door. Our house is positioned is the most stupid way that the sun will shine into the sensor from noon until 6pm.

We’ve tried holding down the remote button on the garage door opener and even using the wireless keypad outside of the garage, but the stupid thing won’t shut all the way down. The only way we can get it to shut down is to drive our car out of the garage, go back into the garage and manually hold down the garage door closer to bypass the sun shining into the sensor. Then we have to reinput the alarm to our house and then hurry out of the front door which wastes a lot of time.

This is so annoying and frustrating. Does anyone have any other solutions aside from the Hulk coming to pick up our house and repositioning it to face a different way

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  1. sam hill says:

    It could be something simple as a shadow in front of the sensor. Some times of the year I have this problem. You could call a service man out and have him fix it. try standing so you cast your shadow on the sensor and push the button.

  2. luka says:

    you could put electrical tape over the sensor,which will block the light,as far as i know light should not affect your garage door,you could have a bad spring or the spring might be to tight,or some other component,the sun hits my sensors and i have no trouble closing the garage door,

  3. Roger N says:

    Swap the sensors.
    One is a transmitter the other is a receiver.
    take a paper towel roll (empty of course) and fit it around the sensor so the sunlight doesn’t directly hit the front.
    grow a tree in the way

  4. myke_cyndy says:

    what you can do is build a box around the senor to prevent the sun from hitting it

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