Liftmaster Formula 1 Whisper Drive garage door opener malfunction question.?

When I press the opener button, the opener begins to open the door but stops at the first door section, only opening the door 1/4 of the way. If I have someone press the button and I apply upwards pressure on the door, it will open with my assistance all the way. If I stop applying the pressure, the door will stop at that point. This is a belt drive unit, board number 41A5021-5E, and this difficulty started just yesterday. The opener was installed in 05/00 and we have never had an issue with it before. There is no visible damage to the tracks, sensors, etc. and we have experienced no known accidents involving any of these. It just won’t lift the door. I am a "do-it-yourselfer" and am seeking guidance from an expert to tell me where to start and a potential diagnosis for the problem. I did momentarily disconnect power in an attempt to "reset" the unit. I also used the quick release and the unit will operate as usual withhout the door attached. THANK YOU!

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  1. Rich Z says:

    Did you check the lift springs or the torque rod adjustment? Whatever mechanism your door includes to counterbalance it is essential to it moving easily so the opener can pull it. If it goes up with assistance it sounds like the load of the door has become too much for the opener.

    Check for a broken spring or a slipped torque winder. Make sure that with the quick release the door can easily be moved up and down by hand. If you can’t move it easily neither can the opener.

  2. handsinpants2 says:

    rich nailed it, most likely a problem with the door. springs do lose tension over time and need to be adjusted. disconnect the door from the opener. lift the door about half way up. at this point, the door should stay put or drift down VERY slowly. if it slams down, you need the springs to be adjusted. if you are in a cold climate, check the door for grease. grease freezes and gums up causing friction on the door and opener. use oil to lubricate rollers, pulleys (if you have them), and hinges. you can adjust the up sensitivity on the opener to force it to lift the door, but if you don’t correct any door problem, you will end up causing potentially irrepairable damage to the door or opener. to adjust the sensitivity on that model, i believe there are 2 knobs on the side or back of the opener, sometimes under the light cover. look for the antenna (a small black wire hanging down), the knobs will be above that. turn the knob labeled "up" clockwise. they are usually labeled 1 to 7 or 8. 1 is the lowest setting and will cause the opener to shut off at the slightest pressure. the highest number represents the highest amount of pressure the opener is capable of exerting. make adjustments in small increments.

    as a cautionary note, if you need to adjust spring tension and are unsure of how to do it, DON’T. find somebody who can or find the proper procedure. i personally know of 3 people who are no longer on this earth because they messed up while playing with springs.

    good luck and ask any more questions you have.

  3. rizinoutlaw says:

    check for a broken spring. If it is extremely cold spring may have broke. If spring is broke door will be very heavy, you may not be able to lift it. If spring ok the sensitivities are off. On liftmaster they are two blue screws on the back, if light lenses are on front and back, or if sideways I believe on the right side. Turn it toward the higher number.

    The plastic gears on a belt drive liftmaster we have found to be about ten to twelve years, with normal operation and properly operating door

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