My Craftsman Garage door opener will not go down?

My garage door opener will not go down automatically untill i press the button in the garage and hold it down. Then if it doesnt close, it will flick the light on and off and beep 10 times. I think its the sensors. When i put my hand over the invisible laser on the green one, the light will blink on the sensor, but on the red sensor, it wont blink when i sway my hand to interfier with the laser. Please help. should i buy new lasers or how shoul i fix it

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  1. stuckinthemud says:

    fist of all i don’t have any kids or pets running around so i don’t need that feature. but my craftsmen 1/2 hp wont work without it. as the seasons change the sun moves. the sun has a way of beaming itself right on one the sensors and blinds it. so i re-mounted them up above the door and now the sun can’t shine on them. they haven’t given me a problem for fifteen years

  2. joatmon585 says:

    Check the alignment of the sensors. I have seen it were even though the lights are on, when you push the button to close the door, they vibrate a little and break the beam. It could be only for a millisecond, but that is enough to make the door reverse.

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