my garage door closes and then immediately opens–Liftmaster–ideas?

When I close my garage door, it closes and then immediately opens. I’ve cleaned the sensors and made sure there is no debris in front of the sensors. Any idea why this is happening? Thanks

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  1. Obamas Shoes says:

    It’s an adjustment since it "thinks" it hasn’t finished closing the door yet and that it hit something like the hood of a car on the way down.

    Try here to figure it out:

  2. David W says:

    It thinks it’s hitting something, so it automatically goes back up. There should be adjustment screws on the unit for "down limit" and/or "down force"; try adjusting those.

  3. Galen B says:

    There are usually two things that make the door go back up. The sensor indicating the cat is in the doorway or the sensor indicating the door is on the cats neck. You need to adjust the sensor on the drive unit.

    I think it is called the force adjustment. I don’t know your model number, so go to the link below and enter the model number and it should provide you with the manual.

  4. The ghost says:

    You may also want to check in the bottom corners of the door opening and in and around the insulating strip on the bottom edge of the door for a small object that may be causing the door not to close all the way. Sometimes, depending on the adjusments, it only takes a little bit to cause your problem.

  5. Bill F says:

    You should find adjustment screws on the back or side of the motor. Usually there are four screws. One controls how far up the door will go. One controls how far down the door will go. One controls the amount of downward force. The final one controls the upward force. You probably want the one that controls how far the door goes down. Turn the screw just slightly to have the door go down just a little less. Sometimes with the changing of the season the ground can swell a little so you may have to readjust with the changing of the season. If the door doesn’t close all the way after your adjustment put the screw back where it was and adjust the less downward force screw. Good luck.

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