My Garage Door is getting stuck and i don’t know why?

When i hit the button to raise the door, it only goes up a couple of feet and then stops. I released the door from the chain and hit the button and the chain was able to go all the way up and back. I also tried raising the door by hand and was able to do that so i know it isnt getting stuck on anything.
I think there is a problem with one of the sensors that is causing the problem but im not sure. One of them has a green light, but the other has a red light. I really don’t remember if they were both like that, but that’s the only thing i can think of. Any ideas of what the problem may be or if i can reset the sensors somehow?

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  1. Brenna H says:

    It is NOT the sensors! You most likely have a LiftMaster or Chamberlain product, which normally have sensors with one green light and one red light or amber light. A lot of people think they are suppose to be the same but they are not. One infra red eye is our receiver, and will go out when the beam is broken. The other is the sender and is always lit. If the red or green light is flashing then you may need to adjust your eyes until both light as are on and solid. Because you are having problems with the door opening, your sensors are most likely not your problem. As long as your door operates smoothly in the manual position you may want to increase the up force on the back of your motor operator. (The unit connected to the door) When making adjustments the slightest movement can make a big difference, so beware. The torsion springs over your door may have lost sensitivity over the years, causing the door to be harder to open. A garage door operator is only designed to open and close an object, and is NOT designed to carry any of the weight of your door. Do NOT try adjusting these yourself, they are the most dangerous part on your door. But, you can also try lubricating all your hinges, rollers, and moving parts, in order to sustain a smooth operation. Be careful not to spray lubricant directly into the track, because this can cause dust to collect and your door may come off track. A lot of people do not know that your owner’s manual recommends service by a trained professional every six months. Your garage door is the largest moving appliance in your household, but often times the most neglected. If you have a technician some out they can and should go over how to properly maintain the door yourself. Good luck!

  2. Perry N says:

    One of the sensors is out of alignment, try moving them until you get a green light on both. The green light means they are communicating. But if that doesn’t work, I would replace the sensor with the red light.

  3. Ron G says:

    The safety sensors are not the problem here. If they are out of adjustment they will not allow the door to come down. Try unplugging the unit for a couple of minutes and reattaching it and seeing if it will cycle. The next thing is get up on a ladder and look at the power unit. They commonly have a system of blinking lights up there that you can use with the fault codes in the owners manual to track down the problem. Try the unplug system several times, just like a computer, to reboot the simple system. Hope this helps.

  4. ? says:

    Do what Perry says he is on top of it

  5. says:

    All these sensors are disabled on the up cycle. If the door will go back down the two feet without reversing they are probably OK. If the door is well balanced (stays down, will stay still half way up, and will stay open when raised by hand) the open force needs turned up slightly. RPM sensor might be bad but not likely. Find the LED on the unit and see if it is blinking. The blinks are a self diagnostic and 5 blinks would indicate a bad sensor. Some of these units run for years with the up and/or down force adjustment set just enough to run the door. The door gets older and heavier and your symptoms start.

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