My garage door opens 6 inches and then stops and reverses in the opposite direction.?

My garage door opens 6 inches and then stops and reverses in the opposite direction. There is nothing in the way, and the sensors are working properly, the door works fine by itself manually, and the motor works perfectly without the door. However when connected the door only opens 6 inches and then closes. Any ideas, as to what this could be and how to fix it?

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  1. Clara says:

    I’m not sure what’s wrong with your garage door, but try holding the button down to open and close it. We had the same problem and that was the only way to remedy it unless we wanted to replace our garage system.

    I hope that’ll hold you guys off until you find out what’s wrong!

  2. Corky R says:

    Get your user manual out and find the travel adjustment screws. Then adjust them along with the travel force screw.

  3. Randy says:

    i am pretty sher that you garage door needs a new spring

  4. analize2much says:

    several things can be the problem.

    chances are the limit switches are not properly adjusted. I have had a couple do this and for some reason the limit switches were way off.

    They also do this if they bind or the jumper wires are not in correct position.

    Or is this an existing door that was working and just recently started this?

    If so it could be worn out gears

  5. Hud says:

    Check the spring(s) at the top of the door and make certain it is not broken. There are also cables on the sides of the garage door that could be broken.

  6. bluesea112 says:

    This is a common problem when your lasers are not lined up correctly with each other. Adjust your lasers towards each other and play around with them if it does not work after the first adjustment. The only other problem would be a bad switch. You can replace the switch easily.

  7. Danny says:

    Oil your rollers. Get a bottle of light oil that has an extending plastic tube WD-40 would be short time use. Use light 3-in-1 oil but get between the roller & Shaft/axle don’t worry too much about the tracks it’s the actual roller & bearings themselves you need to oil. Most overlooked part of garage doors & opener problems.

  8. Chris S says:

    It’s definitely not safety beams. I would need to know the brand, model, type, and year of manufacture to help. If you post that info, I’ll check back later and try to help.

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