my garage door will go up but not down with remote?

I have to hold the wall mounted opener for the door to go down – the keypad and remotes do not work

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  1. M. C. Overhead Door says:

    My guess is the safety eye is not working, or is being blocked. (safety eye is the little box that is about 8" above the floor on each side of the door that reverses the door if something is in the way of the door) make sure the lenses are clean and nothing is blocking them. There should be a little light on each one. if they are not lit, there is a problem with the wiring or the eye is bad. try wiggling the wires at each eye and at the motor head to see if a wire came loose….. good luck.

  2. rohak1212 says:

    Does it have one of those safety features to keep it from closing on something? Like a laser, or even just resistance before it gets to the bottom.

    If so, check that it’s not blocked or impeded somehow.

  3. LeAnne says:

    Disconnect the chain or screw drive and move the door manually to the full up position and down to the full closed position to be sure that it’s not a mechanical problem.
    Carefully check the wiring to the sensors on the track, the sensors on the electric eye and receiver at the lower tracks and limit switches on the button of the tracks.

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