sensor light on my garage door opener is out how do i fix it ?

craftsman automatic garage door opener with sensors. One of the sensor lights is out and I do not want to break it trying to see whats wrong with it.

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  1. Charlie C says:

    change the bulb

  2. AdamDoorCo says:

    Well, there’s not too much involved inside one of the sensors as far as circuitry. You’d pretty much just have to open it up and see if a connection has burnt or a resistor or something has gone bad. Just be aware that sometimes a failed light sensor can mean a failed logic board – the board is no longer sending signal/current to the sensor. The only way to know which one is the problem is to fix/replace the light sensor and see if it comes on. If it doesn’t, that leaves the logic board. We usually don’t repair the sensors because, due to hourly rates, it’s actually cheaper for us & our customers to just slap on a new set. One last thought – be sure and check the wires leading to the sensor before moving on to other options. Sometimes it may be nothing more than a cut/break in one of the wires.

    Hope this helps!

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