Why does my garage door keep opening over and over?

For some reason when I push the button to close my garage it closes for a second and then immediately opens again. I have to click to close it and keep catching it when it tries to open back up. I do this over and over until its closed.

For some reason it does not do this at night. This make me believe it might have something to do with the natural light triggering the sensor? Help please, this gets very old doing this every day.

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  1. Chris S says:

    If it goes back up and the lights flash on and off, the safety beams are misaligned. You can confim this if you have to hold in the wall button until the door closes completely. That’s the only way to override them. The safety beams on some brands of openers are more suseptible to sunlight interference. Assuming the indicator lights on both sender and receiver are on, try shielding them from direct sunlight by taping a flat piece of cardboard behind them to shade them.

  2. poursomemilkonme says:


  3. nostea says:

    It might be the system shortcircuiting? It might not do this when it’s colder (at night)

  4. saddlesore says:

    I had something similar happen and found out the reflector, which normally sends the light back to the sending unit, was aimed wrong making the sensor "think" there was something in the way of the closing door.

  5. randal z says:

    The door starts to close, but reverses before fully closing

    • If the opener’s light flashes four times, the close door force setting may be set too low (see Section 13).
    • The door hardware may be binding causing the close door force setting to be exceeded. Disengage the trolley and manually check the door movement and balance. Lubricate the door hardware as recommended by the garage door manufacturer.
    • The Safety Beam has been interrupted while the door is closing (opener’s light flashes three times), or the Safety Beam is out of alignment
    The garage door closes down to the floor, hesitates and reverses back up to the open position. What is wrong?
    You have an open limit and a close limit on your garage door opener. These limits set the distance the door will open or close before stopping. In the down direction, if the limit is set beyond the point at which the door closes fully, the door will hit the floor and act as if it is hitting something and the safety feature tells it to reverse.

    If you have a screw drive or chain glide unit you need to set the limit closer to the motor, so the opener shuts off earlier (at the point the door closes). if you have a chain drive you need to experiment with the placement of the limit on the chain, so the opener will shut off at the point the door closes. You can find garage door limits on our Web site in the Genie section, or you can go directly to Genie limit switch
    Maybe one of these will fix the problem.

  6. MrsZ says:

    I would cover the sensor with duct tape or electrical tape and see if it quits spazzing out during daylight. You can eliminate things like that by playing with it. Is there a battery in any of this? Change it. Have you checked where the thing is plugged in? Is it under warranty? Call them and make them come out if it is.

    If all of this doesn’t work, call in the appliance healer because it needs an exorcism.

  7. Nightrider says:

    Look for broom stick, garden tools, your shoes or something that is blocking the light sensor. There could be cobweb or too much dust. Clear.

    Another reason could be the sensitivity to kick back is set too low at the motor. Increase it. Look at the back of the motor for adjustment.

    Look for obstructions on the chain travel. The emergency pull chain is probably blocking something after you take the car out in the morning. At night, your car appears to clear the chain. Inspect. correct.

    There is lower limit stop. Inspect. As the chain (or screw) travels, it should stop at the limit. Move it closer to the motor by about 3". It is set away too much. It causes the door to hit the floor before the chain or screw hits the lower limit.

    After all this is said and done, it SHOULD work. I am certain of that. Do a couple of runs, make sure it does the job as intended.

    Door closing and opening is definitely related to sensors in these three places.

    There is one more place you need to inspect: It is your remote. The button you press is stuck and it keeps giving the "open" signal to your motor. Inspect. Yes, inspect the same for your other (wife’s) car’s remote as well. You probably are pressing it too hard and making it stick way down. Your wife probably leaves before you. So, her remote is away from the signal range. Most likely this is the case.

  8. Joe A says:

    try changing your security code

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