why will my garage door not stay closed?

It will travel down but hits bottom and reverses. The sensors at the bottom of the doorway are on. there is nothing in the way of it closing.

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  1. AmazingWomyn says:

    I had the same problem not too long ago. Hopefully, your correction will be as simple as this:
    There seemed to be nothing in the beams way and everything seemed adjusted correctly. I was checking this with the garage door up…I kept bringing the door down and it kept going up. Finally, I noticed a cobweb on the bottom of the door that caught a leaf. Everytime the door came close to closing, it would go up because when the cobweb wasn’t being blown sideways by the wind it was hanging down…breaking the beam.
    As soon as I got rid of the cobweb…no more problems. It never occurred to me that the problem would be hanging from my door.

  2. locksmith says:

    It would appear that the sensor and/or the receiver are out of adjustment and are not aimed at each other or something is blocking the beam of light. As a safety feature the door opener interprets this as a child or pet in harms way and opens back up automatically. There are also 2 limit switches located on the track which must be in working order and located properly for the door opener to operate correctly.

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